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Class of 1980 Reunion Information
Well, here we are again, ready to celebrate another reunion!

Our 25th Reunion dates are set for July 22-24, 2005, with the following itinerary:

Friday, July 22--5:30 - 10pm Murphy's Tavern
(yes, its been nicely renovated)

Saturday, July 23--12-3 Potluck: Location TBA

6-? Dinner/Presentation/DJ @ Elks Lodge, 1400 NW 9th, Corvallis 541-758-0222

Sunday, July 24--Brunch (to be determined)

Please reply with your current address/phone #/email to be included in future updates and upcoming mailings.

Renee and I have finished the “CHS 2005 Reunion Book”, and it is a nice compilation of memories and photos, leading right from graduation through the 20 year reunion in 2000 and up to the reunion we just enjoyed.

We have put the book in PDF file for those of you with Adobe Acrobat Reader, we can send you the file on a CD (you will also receive BONUS CD of the PowerPoint Presentation from Saturday night dinner).

For those of you who would rather have us put the book together for you, we can do that also, at a slightly higher cost.

$$$ All Monies will go directly into our class fund and will help tremendously with our next reunion in 2010!!! $$$

So don’t be afraid, get your copy now and enjoy it for the next couple years until we get together again. Help finance our next reunion as well as live some nice memories, please just contact Renee or Bill directly and let us know what you would like to order.

ORDER NOW Option #1
CD file of PDF “CHS 2005 Reunion Book” + Bonus CD of PowerPoint Presentation 2005 Reunion Dinner
Cost $8.50

Option #2
Complete Bound “CHS 2005 Reunion Book”
Cost $20.00 + $3.00 Shipping

Please email Renee ( or Bill ( and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!

We will talk with you all soon as we start to plan 2010! or

Photos from the 20-year reunion are HERE.


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